The ECG Academy equips the students who participate to assume management responsibilities in the vehicle logistics field. The acquired competences and expertise enables graduates to analyse and organise complex logistics networks. In various modules, covering a variety of specialised topics, the participants gain insights into all relevant aspects of vehicle logistics functions and processes. Case studies, practical insights at logistics locations in Europe as well as practice oriented work on example tenders provide the competencies for delivering the highest quality services throughout the branch.

The ECG Board initiated the Academy to help the members of the industry to deliver the highest possible standards of service to their customers. The knowledge and skills of the young professionals on their way to top management are vital for the future of the specialised industry in which we operate. The ECG Academy is an essential qualification for such managers and is designed to equip them with knowledge. We are convinced that finished vehicle logistics service providers, together with their customers, can develop continuously improving processes. The ECG Academy gives the power to this vision.

The course was originally designed and run by the Executive Education arm of the European Business School and today it is managed under contract to ECG by the Education Unit of KPMG.

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The course takes place over 5 modules and 24 days with a combination of intensive practice oriented training and classroom work. These modules are held at different locations around Europe to give the participants insights into the practical realities of the different elements that make up vehicle logistics, as well as the regional variations across Europe.

The lectures are given by a combination of academic staff from various Universities across Europe, as well as senior practicing logistics professionals and suppliers from the sector. The outcome is therefore an excellent, balanced combination of theoretical training in logistics disciplines and practical examples from the sector.


Who runs it

The Dean of the Academy is Prof. Dr. Josef Decker. He has been involved since the very beginning in the development of the programme.



Dr. Christian-Titus Klaiber is the Academy Director and responsible for the deployment of the course.


So far almost 200 participants from more than 50 companies have graduated from the first 11 courses, creating a unique network of qualified young managers now leading the sector. They are the ECG Academy Alumni.

Junior and middle managers are able to gain a vast wealth of knowledge in an accelerated timeframe, but in as much depth as they require. This is vital to a company which wants to develop their future leaders quickly.

The course culminates in the award of the Certificate of Automobile Logistics Management. The automotive industry is one of the most professional in the world and requires trained and qualified individuals to maintain this reputation. Investment in people, especially future leaders, cannot be underestimated.

To discuss the course in more detail, please contact:

Mike Sturgeon
Executive Director, ECG 
Phone: +32 2 706 82 82


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