During the first half of 2013 ECG engaged in a major survey of the membership to determine areas that could be looked at to deliver efficiency improvements in the industry. This was born out of the joint discussions between ECG's Board and the OEM members of the ACEA Working Group - Automotive Logistics (WG-AL). The mission statement agreed between ECG and the ACEA WG-AL includes "...to initiate activities which have the potential to deliver benefits to all parties..."

The results of this survey were compiled into a book format which was presented to the WG-AL in June 2013. It has also been sent to the other OEMs who are not represented in this forum. Now we are pleased to publish the results openly for the benefit of anyone with an interest in improving efficiency in the finished vehicle logistics sector and you may download it here.

We would be very happy to receive any feedback regarding this project and you may contact us in the usual way at info@ecgassociation.eu