ECG and the EU
Since 1997, ECG has followed very closely all proposals deriving from the EU as well as other projects likely to affect the vehicle logistics sector. ECG is the voice of its members in Brussels and provides, as early as possible in the process, reliable and hands-on information to European Institutions in the transport arena and in the interests of the Finished Vehicle Logistics Sector. Networking and establishing an informal exchange of ideas with relevant interest groups is essential for a successful lobbying. ECG maintains regular contact with Commission officials and has developed close contacts with many Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from the European Parliament (EP) Committees of interest to the industry. ECG also makes its members heard by participating in hearings organised by the EP, speaking at high-level conferences organised by the European Commission, posting position papers on key issues, and has carried out lobbying campaigns in order to overcome measures that could have a detrimental effect on the industry (Harmonisation of truck lengths, Eurovignette, safe parking areas, etc). 
In 2009, ECG joined the European Commission’s online register of interest representatives, enhancing the transparency of its relations with the European Commission and other European institutions. 

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 Industry Analysis and Representation

ECG’s issues cover all policy areas that have the potential to impact on vehicle logistics. In close co-operation with its members, ECG monitors and analyses issues of common interest to its members to develop and support the common interests of the vehicle logistics industry. ECG also carries out surveys and informs its members about all trends and important industry developments and impacts.

Public Affairs and Lobbying
ECG represents its members’ interests vis-à-vis the legislative and administrative bodies in the EU. A key priority for ECG is to achieve a more balanced split between the different modes of transport.  ECG supports the idea of improving and optimising the performance of each mode of transport, and having a transport system that takes into account all modes in a non discriminatory manner. The vehicle logistics sector has long been truly co-modal. As such, we strongly support the Commission’s desire to optimise individual modes and enhance the links between them. Any efforts to get a more efficient framework in the different modes of transport will result in a stronger automotive industry. Using a wide range of communication tools, ECG aims to present the positions of the vehicle logistics industry to European institutions and the public and to inform ECG member companies about recent developments in European transport policy.  ECG aims at increasing its reputation as a serious and reliable partner with the European Institutions and EU stakeholders.

Strategic alliances
ECG aims at becoming a reliable partner, and builds and maintains close relationships with a number of European associations and organisations. We are keen in forming alliances and promoting synergies with European and international automotive associations and other relevant stakeholders.

A number of associations interested in automotive industry issues are regularly invited to participate at ECG’s events and working groups. ECG maintains close relationships and dialogue with the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (
CLEPA), the International Road Union (IRU), the European Road Federation (ERF), the European Association of Vehicle Manufacturers (ACEA), and the Spanish and German Association of Vehicle Logistics (ANP and AML), among others. ECG also maintains a dialogue with automobile and car carriers associations around the world (AIAG, JAMA, KAMA). ECG is also an active member of Mobility for Prosperity in Europe (MPE), a Brussels-based association which brings together transport organisations and multinational companies to brainstorm and exchange knowledge on mobility issues.

Public Relations and Media
As the voice of the Finished Vehicle Logistics industry in Europe, ECG responds to media inquiries about trends in the industry and its activities. It also works to build up image of the industry and to promote its importance to the economy. As such, it has regular contacts with specialised media correspondents.

Events and Image Building
ECG organises a number of event throughout the year which aim at establishing platforms of exchange of know-how and information, raise the awareness for ECG’s positions and create a dialogue among decision-makers and industry stakeholders on issues of relevance to the vehicle logistics sector. 

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