Every two years ECG starts a project to prepare the new ECG Survey of Vehicle Logistics in Europe for publication. The project lasts approximately 8 months. The outcome of this project is a new edition of the Survey which is launched at the annual ECG Conference in October. This Survey is one of the most important ECG publications that is widely used in the finished vehicle logistics sector. It is distributed not only to the ECG members yet it reaches a much wider audience, such as manufacturers, press, and EU representatives. Each time when the project starts the Survey Working Group is brought together. It is composed from experts in the finished vehicle logistics sector drawn from ECG members. The main mission of the group is to assist the ECG Secretariat in preparation of the new edition of the Survey.

Strategic Objectives of the Working Group:

1. Serve as advisory and controlling body in the course of the project run
2. Provide expertise in the market of the finished vehicle logistics
3. Check, review and if necessary update the content of the new edition
4. Suggest improvements and corrections
5. Identify and propose new important topics relevant for the sector to be presented in the Survey

Manager of the Survey Working Group in 2016: Oleh Shchuryk
Project Co-ordinator: Federica Boddi

Experts of the group in 2016:

Krzysztof Szeligowski (Adampol)
Roksana Garbar (Avtologistika)
Duncan Smedley (BCA Automotive)
Timo Harms (BLG)
Begoña González (Flota Suardiaz)
Alessandro De Rosis (Grimaldi)
Nikolaus Tellian (Hödlmayr)
Attila Novak (Lagermax)
Niki Dandolou (Neptune Lines)
Maria Darakova (SPED-S)
Olivier Benguigui (STVA)
Stian Tunsberg (UECC).

The 2016 Survey Working Group will meet regularly via webinar. There are normally four meetings during the project run (April, June, July and August). The last face-to-face meeting is usually held in Brussels.

Click here to access the agendas and minutes as well as the presentations and other important documents of the Survey Working Group (login possible only for ECG members).