The EVs and Alternative Fuel Vehicles Working Group has been created in late 2010 to address issues regarding handling and storage of EVs and alternative fuel vehicles (such as fuel cell, LNG, CNG). As a sub-group of the Quality Working Group, it is a platform for discussion with representatives from both the logistics service providers and the manufacturers. Its main goal is to prepare an ECG guideline with standards and recommendations regarding logistics operations that involve these types of vehicles.

ECG is also liaising with Federauto/Educam and Recharge.

Chairman of the Working Group: Mats Eriksson (Skandia Transport) with the support of Marcos Duato (Flota Suardiaz)


Companies that have participated to the Quality Working Group’s meetings: Bergé Automotive Logistics, Broekman, Educam, Federauto, Gefco, Grimaldi, Groupe CAT, Hödlmayr, ICO, Mitsubishi, Neptune Lines, Renault-Nissan, Recharge, SGS, Sintax, Searo/Cobelfret, Tetra (Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg), Toyota, UECC, UniCar, Volvo Logistics, WWL.

Current project: preparing ECG handling guidelines using available operations manuals and guidelines from the manufacturers and logistics providers, VDA documentation, etc.

Click here to see the minutes, agendas and the presentations of the EV & Alternative Fuel Working Group