The Land Transport Working Group was created at the beginning of 2009. It was originally composed of ECG member companies active in the road transport sector but in 2013 was relaunched to include rail transport as well. It aims to be a platform for discussion open to all actors of the sector including OEMs and other associations e.g. AML. The objective of the group is to focus on issues that are specific to these areas of operation and jointly identify non-commercial activities that would benefit all ECG members and the industry as a whole.   
 Strategic Objectives:
  1. Maximise participation in the Land Transport Working Group so that it becomes a fully representative body and, through this forum, keep the ECG membership fully informed on relevant issues.
  2. Co-ordinate actions on key issues that affect the industry and that need lobbying at European level in order to ensure the sector speaks with one voice.
  3. Identify upcoming issues and develop strategic plans to address them.

Joint Chairmen of the Working Group:  Maximilian Altmann (ARS Altmann AG), Peter Borrmann (STVA) and Michael Bünning (BLG Automobile Logistics). 

Current projects:  By far the most important issue facing the finished vehicle logistics industry in this area is the issue of loaded lengths for car transporters in the EU and the many differences in individual Member States. Calling for harmonisation is a long-term objective of the association.

The Land Transport Working Group also deals with issues such as the future of transport, Eurovignette and other issues high on the EU Transport agenda.

The Working Group has traditionally held face-to-face meetings every  2-3 months in the Frankfurt area but in the future we expect to use a webinar format for some meetings.

Click here to see the agendas, the minutes and the presentations of the Land Transport Working Group.  

If you are interested in participating in future meetings of the Land Transport Working Group, or if you just wish to receive communications from ECG on these topics, please contact the ECG Secretariat and ask to be added to our Land Transport mailing list.