The ECG Carbon Calculator is a programme that allows logistics service providers to automate the calculation of CO2 produced by the transportation of vehicles in Europe by sea or land transport modes.

The methodology was devised by an independent environmental specialist Friends of the Earth (Italy) and all calculations are made according to Internationally accredited methodologies such as those prescribed by the International Panel for Climate Change and EU Commission.

The ECG Carbon Calculator is only valid for use in Europe as it is based on a set of European averages for car transportation. Use of this calculator for operations outside of Europe is neither authorised or supported by ECG, Friends of the Earth (Italy) or Vehnet.

The software is provided under a licence agreement with automotive specialist Vehnet. For ECG members there is only a small yearly maintenance support contract of 200 euros to pay. For non-members there will be a fee to purchase the software.



The software can only be used for 14 days in this 'trial' mode, which has limited functionality. Thereafter it has to have a valid licence key to continue to use it in the fully activated mode.

When the software starts you will be given the option of activating it immediately. You will then be required to identify your company, which will be verified by ECG as being either a member of non-member. A request for the appropriate fee will then be sent, after which the licence key is forwarded to you.

If you would like to purchase a licence or have any questions or are unsure of the above process, please send a message to or
call  +32 2 706 8280.