In 2014 German police arrested a former truck driver believed to be responsible for a spate of more than 700 shootings on the German highways over a period of five years. At the beginning of October 2015 a new incident of shooting was reported by BLG when a damaged vehicle was discovered on a truck arriving in Bremerhaven. After an initial observation it was concluded that the damage was caused by an air rifle or pistol. 

One week later on 12th October 2015 there were three other cases of shooting reported by Antwerp EuroTerminal. Five cars were detected which bore signs of bullet impact on arrival in the Port of Antwerp. These cars came on three trucks from different directions, i.e. Saarlouis in Germany, Nizni Lhoty in the Czech Republic and Tychy in Poland. All these trucks made their way to Belgium through Germany but it cannot be exactly determined where the incidents occurred as they were only detected on arrival. The five cars have clear bullet signs on front and rear windscreens or the doors though it has not yet been determined whether the holes were caused by a firearm or by an air weapon.

In October 2016 ECG was informed about three new shooting incidents in Germany. The first case, reported by AvtoTransporti Kastelec, took place in October in the area between Bremen and Kassel in Germany. Several cars were damaged. Two other cases have been reported by BLG. The first one happened in the area near Aurich, Germany on 10th November 2016 when three vehicles were damaged. The other case was reported on 24th November, but the location has not been yet identified as it was only discovered at the end of the journey. Police are investigating all these cases.

In case you have any information regarding similar cases of shooting please inform ECG, by filling in this form, as well as the authorities. ECG will create a database of all incidents of shooting to help with co-ordination so we need as many details as possible. There is a clear risk of people getting hurt and we need to do everything we can to help.


Additional information

For information regarding the previous spate of shootings see here.

Note: ECG is constantly monitoring the media and updating this section with new information. For more information please also check the ECG News for shooting cases on the European roads.