Pre-Production - Research and Development

Before a vehicle reaches production, prototypes will be carried from one location to another, for investigation and analysis of the vehicle’s performance. Checks will be made in various hot and cold weather environments, the aerodynamics will be studied in wind tunnels, and cars will be crash-tested to check the safety aspects of the proposed model. Clay models are also created to ensure that designs are finalised and production facilities are refined before the full cost of manufacturing begins. Discrete covered transporters and specially trained operatives deliver these precious cargos safely and securely from laboratory to test site. 


Once a vehicle has been created, it needs safe and secure transportation to pre-Iaunch photo shoots, in global locations ranging from busy city centres to the remotest deserts. Motorshows are a key opportunity to launch new models and get mass consumer exposure. Special preparation is required of these cars as they need to be presented to the highest standard and will come under severe scrutiny from the press and consumers alike. Logistics service providers have the facilities and skilled labour to prepare these special vehicles.