Plant clearance, export and import movements

As soon as vehicles roll off the production line, member companies are ready to transport vehicles around the globe, by barge, rail, sea and road.

Logistics Service Providers can provide a flexible range of transport services to suit the requirements of individual manufacturers and their local markets, from a straightforward ferrying service from port to distribution centre, to a comprehensive transportation service from factory gate to the dealer network. Throughout the process, sophisticated IT tracking systems play a vital role in checking the progress of each individual vehicle on its route to the end customer.

Vehicle Distribution Centres

Distribution centres provide strategically well located sites for secure storage, post-production technical enhancements, fleet preparation and stock management. They can be located at the factory, at a port or inland depending on the strategic needs of the manufacturers.

Technical enhancements include late configuration (installation of radios, alarms, sunroofs or leather fitment and specification upgrades) and pre-sale preparation (security etching, Pre-Delivery Inspection, licensing and fuelling).

Late configuration allows the manufacturers to import a reduced number of model variants whilst still giving the end-user ultimate choice. Preparation of leasing and daily rental fleet is typically done at the distribution centre. This provides a consistent quality level as well as a more cost effective solution than preparation and delivery from the local dealership network. 

Final Delivery

Logistics Service Providers operate a range of transporters from multi-car to individual deliveries. Typical road transport fleets consist of 9, 10 and 11-car transporters to move vehicles from production plants and distribution centres, to dealers and showrooms across the continent. Specialist covered transporters can deliver direct to the final customer’s office or home, and provide a sophisticated demonstration and hand over. This cuts delivery time and brings the ‘showroom’ to the customer.